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Permanent Recruitment Solutions

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    Permanent recruitment solutions for employers

    Permanent recruitment saves money in the long run.

    Hiring on a permanent basis is both a risk and advantage to your business. If you have a full-time or part-time role in your organisation to full, that is going to be regular hours, over a long period of time. Hiring on a permanent basis is most likely the correct path to go down as provides stability and future growth investing in a long term solution.

    If the hours are likely to change or the role only be on the short term, contract hires or even temp-to-perm hiring might work better for your organisation.

OLG Recruitment is your chosen recruitment agency


At OLG Recruitment we have had great success with hiring long term candidates that will grow with your business, as it benefits both employers and candidates.

We attract a large number of skilled and successful candidates which will mean your vacancy isn’t open for long.



Hiring on a permanent position basis means your candidate can grow with you and your business. Setting them continuous goals to enhance their skills and knowledge, they can become a major asset to your team. A permanent hire will likely be more loyal to your brand and mission than that of a contract hire for example.

But a permanent hire does need job security so this type of hire is only suitable for those companies who can foresee long term requirements and potentially even progression for the candidate.

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Benefits of permanent hires


For starters, you don’t have to worry about looking for new talent regularly. If your vacancy is long-term, you can find the perfect candidate just once and save yourself on the time, cost and hassle of recruiting on a regular basis.

Permanent job roles are a good opportunity to gain long-term  job security for the candidate, but as the employer this can work in your favor too. A permanent job role is more stable than a temporary one, so it’s ideal for people who want to make a career out of their careers. Therefore you will likely be recruiting a candidate which will stick with your business for the long term.

A permanent job role can also be a great way of creating ‘home grown’ talent. Training and moulding your candidate overtime can enrich them with invaluable company knowledge and skills which overtime can strengthen your team and allow the candidate to move into more senior roles.


Should I hire on a permanent basis or a temp position?

The answer to this question really depends on your company structure and long term goals. Businesses with fast changing environments that need staff to be flexible inline with peaks and troughs are more likely suited to a temp hire. This is because you can hire more talent at key times of the year, but not have to fulfill a contract to them all year round.


However, if the role doesn’t change much, is fixed hours and long term, then hiring on a permanent basis will save you the hassle of recruitment in the long term. OLG Recruitment will work carefully with you, to match the perfect candidate for your long term goals. We will help to ensure that this candidate is ready for a permanent position and that they want a career within your company.

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