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Contract Hire

  • What is contract hire?

    Contract hire is an outsourcing model for temporary jobs.

    Contract hire is a way of outsourcing work. It’s used by businesses to access specialist skills and services that they don’t need all the time, but when they do, they’ll know whom to turn to.

    Contract hire can be used for temporary or permanent roles: you might want full-time staff immediately; or you may want someone with a particular skill set on hand for as little as two weeks.

OLG Recruitment is your chosen contract hire contractor


We at OLG Recruitment have had great success with contract hires, as it benefits both employers and candidates.

Employers frequently hire candidates on a fixed-term contract basis to assess the candidate’s qualifications and overall fit with the company’s work culture. Some might even consider it an opportunity for a “working interview,” which significantly increases the number of high-quality hires.


For the same reasons, candidates will also find a fixed-term contract appealing! They have the chance to evaluate the business and determine whether it is a welcoming and advantageous environment where, given the choice, they would feel confident in extending their contract or being hired on a permanent basis by the employer.

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The benefits of contract hire

Contract hire can be a great way to get the experience and expertise you need with a minimal investment. It’s also good option if you don’t know how long your project will run and want flexibility during recruitment and outsourcing the right skills.

Contract Hire is a great way to get access to specialist talent without committing to permanent overhead costs.

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