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  • What is a temp to perm position?

    Contract hire is an outsourcing model for temporary jobs.

    Temp-to-hire positions are a great way to try out a new job before committing to it. They give employers a chance to test out different candidates and see how they fit into their team and perform on the job. Many employers also use temp-to-hire as a source of new talent.

    By having an employee on contract (temporarily), companies can see how well you fit into their team without having any of their resources tied up in training or other expenses associated with hiring someone new. Both parties will get an idea of whether or not this would be a good fit for both parties before making any final decisions based on trial periods during which both sides agree upon terms that work best for everyone involved!


OLG Recruitment is your chosen temp to perm position agency


At OLG Recruitment we have had great success with temp to perm hires, as it benefits both employers and candidates.

Many companies we work with suit this style of recruitment due to the ‘try before you buy’ flexibility. We also find that we can source a great number of flexible candidates for your roles by scraping our large database of those who prefer to work on a ‘temping’ basis.




Hiring temp to perm candidates is a great way for both parties to see whether a permanent position is the right move for them. For a business, this means seeing how the employee works within the team, how they handle the role and how they fit into the company. It also means that a candidate can start while compliance measures are carried out.


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Many employers use temp-to-hire as a source of new talent


Employers often use temp-to-hire as a way to test out new employees. When you’re hired for a temp position, you’ll get the opportunity to prove yourself on the job and show what you can do. Some employers are more likely to hire from within their pool of temps than they are from outside candidates, especially if it turns out that there’s already someone in your company who fits perfectly into the role. This is especially true if there has been turnover in that department recently, or if the department itself has undergone recent expansion or reorganisation.

If you’re interested in making your temp position permanent, it’s important that you do everything possible during your time there (both as an employee AND a candidate) so that when it comes time for renewal discussions between all parties involved (you included), they have no choice but give in the position full time!


What is the difference between a permanent position and a temp position?

The major difference between being a temp and working directly with your company is that you’ll work for the temp agency, rather than directly with your company. This means that you’ll be an employee of the agency and they’ll pay you. You won’t receive any benefits which the company offer, only the benefits which the temp agency offer.

You may also find it helpful to know that some people are hired by multiple companies at once; this is known as “moonlighting” or “freelancing.” In this case, it’s important to note that each employer has varying rates of pay and different benefits packages available—so if one isn’t offering something you want (like health care), then another might have what you need!


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