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Our advice to candidates looking to secure a new role

Our Advice

We encourage all candidates to browse through our available vacancies. We offer a wide range of positions from executive level to commercial back office, and much more. We have positions available in many sectors which are consistently updated to provide you with the most up to date vacancy information from our employers.

Some Helpful Tips

At OLG Recruitment, we are passionate about finding the most suitable candidates for our employers, but we are equally committed to finding our candidates the perfect role.

That is why we have created our advice hub for to help you with your application and the recruitment process.

How to Make Your CV Stand Out

Tips for writing a CV that employers will want to reach.

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How to prepare for an interview

Our top tips for securing a position by making a great first impression.

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How to answer the most commonly asked interview questions

How to structure your answers in an interview and be prepared in advance.

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What to ask at an interview?

You nailed your CV, now you have been invited to an interview, but what questions should you ask your potential employer to stand out?

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Our top tips!

  • Tailor your application – it is easy to get caught up in supplying your CV to numerous organisations and roles, so make sure you read the individual job specification and tailor your application to the job post’s specific requirements.
  • Do some research –  research your prospective employer and align your application with their core values, making specific references to their company and your research. This shows prospective employers that you’re willing to take time and make the effort to understand their business and exactly what they’re looking for in a prospective employee.
  • Pay attention to detail – making sure your application is neat, properly formatted and grammatically correct shows that you are a person that takes pride in their tasks; something employers will want to see in their employees’ work.
  • Make good use of your hobbies and interests – prospective employers often take great interest in the hobbies you include in your resume. This provides them with great insight into your personality and passions; something likely to reflect in your work.
  • Sell yourself – no one knows your strengths and weaknesses as well as yourself. Use this opportunity to highlight your strengths and how this will benefit your prospective employer and the role they’re offering. Again, be specific about how these strengths will impact your work and this specific job.

For more information on how to maximise your potential to employers, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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