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Why Work With Us…

Why choose OLG Recruitment

As part of a consultancy group ourselves, we understand exactly what you’re looking for in a potential employee. Understanding the specific industries in which we specialise ensures that each candidate we propose to you is a suitable fit for the role, thus saving you valuable time on your search. By taking the time to fully understand the role for which you are recruiting, we can find people who fit the unique culture, goals and objectives of your organisation.

Building and maintaining relationships with our clients is integral to how we function as a company.

Trust is key – this is why OLG Recruitment was created; we want to introduce highly skilled, passionate and hard working people to our clients to ensure that your next hire is successful in their new role. Our consultants assess each candidate individually, to ensure the best possible match first time.

The complete solution

We now offer candidates from all areas of employment, meaning that OLG Recruitment can function as your entire recruitment solution. From engineers, to directors, operatives, cleaners and catering assistants, we can source candidates from all sectors. We pride ourselves on our diverse client base, both of employers and candidates, offering a wide range of people to suit any role within your organisation.

At OLG Recruitment, we provide high quality personnel to clients not just in the Humberside region but also nationwide. Our clients include some of the key players in the petrochemical, oil & gas, power and pharmaceutical industries, to name but a few.

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